High Hopes Farms

Elizabeth Schellenger

High Hopes Farms is very secure, both from the perspective of any outside intrusion as well as from the worry of what can happen when the animals are left unattended and unmonitored. We have Unlimited Technology to thank for that peace of mind and security

Elizabeth Schellenger / Owner / High Hopes Farms

Challenge: High Hopes Farm is a southern Chester County, award winning equestrian farm located near Lancaster Pennsylvania. Security and safety is critically important to everyone at High Hopes. Vandalism and intrusion pose a serious threat to the health and well being of the horses as well as the staff and facility. High Hopes farms decided to pursue a full assessment of their security risk and subsequent needs.

Solution: The security assessment by Unlimited Technology resulted in a number of recommendations of which High Hopes Farm decided to have thoroughly implemented. Hi resolution day/night CCTV cameras were strategically mounted throughout the interior of the individual foaling stalls and exterior of the barn, providing perpetual viewing of all activities near and inside the horse stalls and arena. All events are digitally recorded and available for playback on demand. Audio surveillance was implemented to provide alarms for quick response and help in the case of foaling problems, horses becoming cast, sicknesses in the barn or possible irreversible harm to the horses. Noise monitors compliment the audio and video security in order to enhance incident recognition. Collectively the systems in place allow for a very reliable and completely secure environment at High Hopes Farm.                                             

Technology offerings referred to within this success story include products by:
Panasonic interior and exterior cameras
Extreme IR Illuminators
Louroe Electronics Audio Monitoring System
Vision AdPro transceiver and software
GE Kalatel Video Distribution Unit
Milestek Racking System