Rittenhouse Hotel & Condominiums

Robert C. Brown Jr.

Unlimited Technology, Inc. takes the time to educate clients and recommend a system that is right for the job and also cost effective. Since starting here (at The Rittenhouse) on September 11th, 2001 I don’t have to tell you how hectic and shocking the following weeks and months were for everyone within our industry. While other companies were raising their rates, taking advantage of the 9-11 disaster, UTI implemented changes leaving us with a feeling of ease, never raising rates or taking advantage of our customer-supplier relationship during this difficult time. This is why I will never use another company for my Security needs

Robert C. Brown Jr. / Director of Security & Safety / Rittenhouse Hotel & Condominiums

Challenge: The Rittenhouse Hotel maintained a large number of  Surveillance cameras recording to a Digital System which was overwriting itself every day!  Incident occurrences were quickly being overwritten, thus eliminating evidence.  Post September 11th this limitation was completely inadequate for the hotel property.

Success: Unlimited Technology, Inc. provided design options and education in order to allow The Rittenhouse Hotel to choose an implementation which would serve their needs and secure their facilities.  Ultimately UTI designed and integrated a system including Digital Video Recorders w/CD R Writers which allowed for more than ample event recording and archival.  Cameras are separated by zone on each DVR which makes the system management very straight forward and easy.  The system was re-designed, re-wired and re-configured in a convenient rack mount enclosure keeping expansion considerations in mind thus enabling The Rittenhouse to maximize their investment over a long period of time.

Technology offerings referred to within this success story include products by:
Integral Technologies – DVR event recorders