We sincerely thank all our team members for their perseverance and dedication to our goals and culture. As we navigate through these turbulent times, our goal has been and continues to be, to keep all our valued employees with us. And to date, we have achieved this goal. While there are still many unknowns that we will face, we feel confident that this goal of full employment will continue to be achievable. This goal is achievable only with our team’s continued commitment to our collective success, culture and goals.

Thank you!

What is emerging from this crisis is that Unlimited Technology is no longer merely a systems integrator. Because of the investments in our business, we have successfully differentiated ourselves from our competitors. We are indeed a solution provider to the marketplace. Many of us are busier than ever working with existing and potentially new customers offering solutions such as:

  • Thermal detection facial mask detection
  • Converged Network design and other Low Voltage systems
  • Managed Services, Cyber protection, and Exero Health Management, to name a few.

You can have confidence that our senior management team is working diligently to align Unlimited Technology with the changing needs of our clients; and to keep the business going strong.