Unlimited Technology is dedicated to customer service excellence. The company started a full Six Sigma/ Lean Deployment in March of 2008 led by a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. All department managers are versed in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and Six Sigma has become engrained the culture.

Cisco Network Systems are the foundation for the services and applications you need to realize the potential of your business. Cisco switches, routers, and software together, create an inherently intelligent integrated network to adapt for your current and future business needs. UTI believes to better serve our customers it is imperative that we have Cisco certified IT personnel to handle these advanced networking environments. This enables us to bring an added level of expertise unmatched by our competitors. The connectivity and quality of your information, video, voice and real time applications are imperative; between sites, across the county and globally. The extreme importance of providing a secure, yet unconstrained environment is something we can assist or design for you.

With the security industry resting heavily on IT knowledge, Unlimited Technology makes sure that it has Microsoft certified employees on staff. With corporate network backbones using Microsoft technology it is imperative that we have the expertise to work with our customer’s IT departments in a supportive or leadership role. This value added skill along with network analysts sets Unlimited Technology apart from other integrators. With this expertise we are able to install the most sophisticated equipment and software seamlessly over a complicated corporate infrastructure.