Collaborative Site Surveys

The collection of data must come from many sources for a complete understanding of your infrastructure and footprint.

Working with your local site personnel and other security providers, UTI will gather the pertinent information and come back with an all inclusive site survey report. The assets and facilities that need protection are identified and linked to specific response areas for full perimeter protection depending upon your needs, acceptable risks and budget available for the project. Our experience leads us to look directly at a lot of hidden “gotcha” items that others will miss on the site survey. To provide a complete assessment we will address the following areas:

  • Knowledge, sharing of known security practices and preventative measures
  • Leadership designation of responsibilities for security matters
  • Existing architectures and technologies for deterrence
  • Integration of knowledge management 
  • Knowledge of information, supply and logistic support networks
  • Standards for exchange of threat information formats/protocols
  • Legal security and IP aspects and concepts