Air Products & Chemicals

Marc Murphy

Unlimited Technology provides standardized and reliable security solutions for the ever growing and changing requirements of Air Products & Chemicals. Keeping Air Products in tune and up to speed with emerging technological standards as well as the awareness necessary in order to secure our people, our assets and our properties is critical and of utmost importance to us. Unlimited Technology provides that benefit and confidence to everyone at Air Products & Chemicals facilities throughout the country.

Marc Murphy / Air Products & Chemicals

Problem: Air Products & Chemicals has significant and ongoing challenges for securing their office facilities and plants. This includes insuring safety for all of their employees as well as securing each facility in the case of accidents or intrusion. One of the difficulties over the years involved the development of standards for the many locations and varying requirements for each building owned, operated by or associated with Air Products & Chemicals.

Solution: Unlimited Technology began with Air Products & Chemicals by introducing Access Control for their corporate facilities. The choice for access control has emerged as a global standard. The flexibility and reliability of this solution has won over would be critics and developed into a critical piece of the overall security suite present within Air Products sites throughout the world. The advent of volumetric intrusion detection and the redundant ability to view and manage sites at numerous levels is making Air Products & Chemicals safer and more secure every day. Unlimited Technology’s level of professionalism and depth of knowledge is paramount in keeping Air Product & Chemicals sites secure as well as providing a level of confidence which allows the company to focus attention on their success in the market.

Technology offerings referred to within this success story include products by:
Panasonic – Cameras
Vision Systems – AdPro DVR