Future Fibre Technologies, Inc. and Unlimited Technology, Inc. Announce a Major Perimeter Security Upgrade Program for 24 Pennsylvania-based Water Utility Sites

Future Fibre Technologies Inc. of Mountain View, CA, and security system integrator Unlimited Technology Inc., of Chester Springs, PA, today announced the successful completion of the first phase of a multi-site program to provide fiber optic perimeter protection systems at 24 water utilities in Pennsylvania.

Unlimited Technology is a leading security system integrator specializing in large scale perimeter systems and has selected FFT's Secure FenceT electronic fiber optic perimeter systems to protect critical infrastructure facilities for water utility giant, Aqua America. Aqua Pennsylvania is Aqua America's largest subsidiary and serves more than 1.4 million residents in 30 counties across the Keystone State.

Ian Francisco, CEO of Unlimited Technology, commented on the program, "FFT provides hands-down the best fiber optic perimeter systems and its solution has been a quick and simple deployment that has provided significant enhancements to Aqua's security infrastructure." 

Aqua Security and Safety Administrator, Terry Lyons, said "We are delighted with the performance of the FFT systems and appreciate that Unlimited Technology is supplying a high quality solution to replace the previously installed Fiber Patrol systems from Optellios. We look forward to completion of the FFT system deployment over the next six months."

The chosen product is Secure FenceT, which is FFT's proven, laser-based flagship product that provides highly reliable, cost-effective intrusion detection for numerous government agencies, military complexes and public utilities worldwide. With next generation features such as software-derived zoning, GPS intruder locating, this reliable, low-maintenance system is rapidly becoming the standard in outdoor intrusion detection. Secure FenceT requires no electronics in the field and is certified "green", operating on less power than is required to run two 60 watt household light bulbs.

This product is equipped with FFT's patented ARaD technology to overcome the traditional problems of nuisance alarms that are so common with current solutions. The technology uses signature recognition and advanced learning algorithms to "know" the difference between an environmental nuisance alarm and an attempted intrusion. 

FFT's products are seen globally as the technology of choice for perimeter applications; pipeline monitoring and communications/data network security, with hundreds of systems and millions of feet of intrusion detection deployed globally.

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